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1.   Choose your bed and desired upgrade options

2.   Be sure to check dimensions to ensure the bed will fit If you are at all unsure, just email us a layout drawing of your room (See Layout example below).  NOTE:  If upgrading to a Full or Queen size bed, your dimensions will change, so be sure to factor this in when measuring, same with upgrading to a Full Staircase.  Another great TIP for layout in your little ones room prior to ordering is to use tape to stencil the layout as to where the bed will reside.

IMPORTANT SIZE NOTE:  While our beds look huge, it just an illusion due to height.  Other than towers on castle beds  and slides and such, the bed itself is the same size as a regular bed.  Only difference is that our beds are taller and have solid walls.  Which brings us to the next GOOD point.  The loft beds actually create MORE space in that you now have an area on top loft.    

3.  Once you have decided on a bed which will fit your needs, just give us a call or email and we will get you invoiced.  Invoicing is done through Square Inc via email.  (SEE PAYMENT INFO BELOW).

4.  BUILD SCHEDULE:   We operate off of a build schedule and each customer order within this build schedule gets a build slot in the order in which they were received.   When you get your bed, depends on where you are in the build schedule.  All build schedules are approximate due to the nature of the business with new designs. We never give a guaranteed finish date.  But in cases for Birthdays, we do the very best we can try to schedule to have the bed done in time. Each build schedule or turn around time is generally 9-12 weeks.  Keep in mind that this is roughly our competitors turn around time as well.  We are a smaller business offering comparable beds at up to 70% off.  

5. You will receive your final invoice for payment when we begin your build.  This is to ensure your bed is paid for and ships immediately upon completion.  Delays in customer payments hold up the build schedule and valuable shop space.  This was set in place due to customers not paying on time, or even worse, not paying at all once their bed was complete.  This system allows the build schedule to run much more smoothly.                                                                         

6. Photos: For beds which are a NEW design, we will send final assembled pictures for approval.  NOTE:  a NEW design does not include a bed we already make with some upgrades or features added from another bed.  All other beds will not have final assembled pictures, as they are the same design as the bed you bought and is already pictured on the site.  



Payment is 40% down and remainder due upon the start of your dream bed (see above). Shipping fees are included in final invoice only and does not factor into the 40% down deposit.


1. Credit Card (2.5% processing fee) * We accept all major credit cards.  Payments processed through Quickbooks.      

2.  Check by certified mail to our office * You can mail your payment to our office with a copy of your invoice.  We ask that customers use a form of delivery which has confirmation or certified mail service.  We allow 6 days to receive payment before offering the build slot to another customer in line.


 Note: If a customer orders a bed then cancels their order, a 20% fee will be deducted from down payment. This is for time lost in order process as well as having to alter the detailed build schedule.  If the customer's bed is completed and they cancel, 40% of the down payment is non-refundable, and refund is given upon the selling of their bed.  Circumstances such as these are very big setbacks for us.  All other refund transactions will be processed within 7-10 business days after notification.

 Thank you kindly