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1. ADD FULL STAIRCASE                                      NOTE: we no longer offer the drawers in the steps option due to safety concerns and OSHA regulations.

*Regular Full Staircase - $450 (seen on most bed options)

2. ADD STEPS BEHIND SLIDE - $80                           (see attached photo at bottom of this page for example)

3. FULL SIZE  - adds $275 on bunk style beds and $125 on single level beds.

4. QUEEN SIZE - adds $350 on bunk style beds and $175 on single level beds.

5. ADD BACK WALLS:   Without upgrade, we add back wall braces and the wall in the room acts as the back wall.  We simply try to cut costs for you, wherever we can :)               Add back bottom wall for $80                               Add back top wall for $40

6. PAINTED OPTION UPGRADE - We only offer the painted option on bed beds which have a hand painted Woodgrain or Stone look.  And even then, it depends on our build schedule and time. Very rare that we have the time to do so.

PAINT: We suggest ordering the bed unpainted and hiring a local painter and or painting yourself.  Our base price to paint a regular base paint bed (no art details) $1,100.  This is due to the fact that it takes so much more time to paint the bed, which takes up time we could be doing another build.  We also have to pack the bed differently for freight and handle pieces differently.  However the biggest issue is the fact that our facility does not have a separate paint area from our build area.  This means all builds must stop to keep sawdust out of the paint. Whereas if the customer paints themselves and or has it painted on site, they can have a local professional painter come in and paint the bed for roughly $350 - $450 on average.  NOTE:  If you check with your local paint store, such as Sherwin Williams or Kelley Moore, they will have a list and or business cards of all the local professional painters in your area.  They also will know the best painter for your needs, whether it be painting base colors, adding faux finish or art details :)